Another Special Mother’s Day for 2024

We’ve just had another amazing Mother’s Day at Fifth Avenue Florist.  We’re grateful to everyone who chose our flowers to celebrate their wonderful mums, and the important women in their lives.  It’s very rewarding to us to be a part of that special gift, and it’s wonderful to see so many people taking the time to show some love for their mums.

It’s about saying “thank you” and “I love you” in a way that words sometimes can’t.  And what better way than flowers your mum can look at and think of you?

It’s always a busy time of year for us, and our team worked hard to create stunning arrangements – we’re very proud of their hard work and beautiful results.  We love to make people smile!

Thank you for making this Mother’s Day so special and for your continued support. We’re here for all your floral needs, big and small.



Tracing the origins of Valentine’s Day has bemused historians and florists alike for Millennia.

Depending on which version of history you subscribe to, Valentine’s Day stems from a peculiar story of women being whipped with bloody animals. Or something to do with naked Roman parties. Or involves grisly images of a third-Century martyr.

But to our way of thinking, Valentine’s Day is not about being rooted in historical fact. It’s about expressing thought and emotion – even love – for someone special in your life, or someone you’d like in your life.

So, forget the historical theories and embrace its mystique… because every year, the time-honoured tradition of Valentine’s Day falls on February 14.

And it just is!

So whether you have a loved one or not, join us this Valentine’s Day to share in that magic of mystique.

Simply click on this link for a selection of beautiful options to choose from. Have them delivered or deliver them in person. Either way, we’re here to help you create happiness and memories for your someone special.

How & where we magic your floral creations

Nestled in the bustling, leafy and festoon-lit eastern flank of Palm Beach’s Fifth Avenue, an eye-catching but modest little business called Fifth Avenue Florist has served the Gold Coast community for 30 years (and all under the same owner, Jacqueline Darrach).

Visually, the shop is bright and colourful and welcoming, but you’ll probably smell its fabulous fragrance before it even comes into sight. And it’s in this unique space that your floral arrangements begin their life at Fifth Avenue Florist.

Yes, this is where the magic happens. It’s real. Authentic. And aromatic! There’s mess underfoot. Offcuts of leaves and stems all over the timber floorboards. Bubbly, flower-twirling florists with thorn-pricked hands, fingers sticky with eucalypt-gum resin, and big smiles on their flowerchild dials.
Far from simply tying a ribbon around a generic bunch of flowers and tacking a card on it, we start your floral arrangements from scratch. We use the finest, freshest, highest-quality seasonally available foliage and blooms, and we fashion them into works of art. Natural works of art; gifts from nature that we expertly arrange to suit your needs – whether you choose to order in-store or online.

It’s fair to say we pride ourselves on creating beautiful, memorable, uplifting works of floral art, and we’re constantly gratified by the fact that our customers love these creations too.
And now that you know a little more about where and why we do what we do, why not let us create something mesmerising and memorable for you or for someone you love?!

See our full range of flowers for you to choose from.

Thanks so much for your support from all of us at Fifth Avenue Florist.

Jacque & the team
[email protected]
Ph: 07 5534 6655

That Memorable Christmas Bouquet

We’ve all been there: deciding what to gift a special someone at Christmas.

Well, don’t worry. We’ve got just the thing to get you out of the ho-ho-hole…

We’re here to help you send your Christmas message by gifting a festive floral bouquet.

As passionate florists, we get excited about the festive season because it lets us have fun and get creative with Christmas bling – with flowers to deck your halls and garnish your table; and wreaths to adorn your front door.

And for Christmas 2022, we’ve put together our favourite festive florals that are sure to bring joy when delivered to your special someone.

So, why not gift a memorable floral gift this Christmas?!

See our full range of Christmas flowers for you to choose from.

Thanks so much for your support and, from all of us at Fifth Avenue Florist, have a very merry Christmas.

Jacque & the team
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Ph: 07 5534 6655

Your Flower Twirlers Exposed

Once upon a time, two sisters were born deep in the Currumbin Valley; two barefoot flower children who fashioned daisy-chains for breakfast; roamed barefoot through school; blew dandelions in backlit afternoon light; and pitched in to help mum and dad’s nursery business whenever they had some spare time.

One of them went on to purchase and run one of the Gold Coast’s most successful florist businesses, while the other was never far from her side. We are, of course, speaking of Jacque and Fiona, the sibling driving force behind the Fifth Avenue Florist team:


For Jacque, flowers have never been a product or a business or a commodity. They’re her heart and soul; an expression of life’s beauty. They’re nature’s gift and they’re here to be shared. And to make that a reality, she’s surrounded herself with those similarly passionate about flowers and their ability to bring others joy.


With more than 30 years’ experience twirling flowers, Fi brims with energy and passion. She’s always reinventing herself to stay ahead of current floral trends. She’s a creator of all things floral – small things, big things, she can do it all! She’s our wedding stylist with an impressive portfolio. And the girl has stamina!


One day, Ivy simply walked in off the street to buy a bunch of flowers, and she radiated all the star qualities for floristry: sweet, smart, communicative, kind and compassionate, with a creative soul. We offered her a traineeship. She accepted. And one year into floristry school, she is excelling. Ivy is fresh and bursting with talent. Exactly what the florist industry needs, this girl is a star!

Jacque and the team

Australian Christmas flowers – The Fifth Avenue Florist way

In Australia, there is no doubt about it; our Christmas’s are celebrated a little bit differently than the typical snow falling, fireplace and mulled wine setting we often see.

It’s more likely that we celebrate with a crisp bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, a cold beer (or two) and some fresh seafood with pavlova for dessert. Wouldn’t it be great to add a bouquet of flowers to the Christmas spread this year?

Stunning Christmas flowers

Our beautiful range of specially hand-picked fresh flower arrangements makes stunning Christmas gifts.

Or, a beautiful feature in any living space; A Christmas table centrepiece can add a pop of colour and personality.

Our Australian Christmas flowers collection has officially dropped! We have put together some varieties for people to send and receive fresh flowers. We deliver all around the Gold Coast, with same-day delivery available (except on Sundays).

A couple of our favourite Australian Christmas flower bouquets for the season are:

“Native Spirit florals”

Mixed with bright, fresh native florals and delicate leafy greens, this arrangement is perfect to brighten up any space!

Perfect for sending to loved ones, work colleagues, and friends.

This arrangement is sure to add a burst of Australian summer colours to all settings.

“Have a Merry Little Christmas”

Mixed with the Christmas palate of traditional reds, greens, and whites.

The sentimental feeling of the bouquet makes it ideal for sending to loved ones or people who celebrate Christmas in a traditional way.

“Star Bright”

Combined with Christmas pinecones, seasonal lilies and leafy greens, this festive bunch is more on the contemporary side of a Summer Christmas in Australia.

This contemporary bouquet is suited for the beachside dweller, friends, family or coworkers who seem to live by the ocean side.

“Forever Merry”

Quite like the name, this dried flower bunch is will last a while. This bouquet is contemporary and great for the minimalist in your life. As dried flowers have a longer life span, these blooms will be around all Summer.

Ideal for the minimalistic, beach dweller, or for the unique friend.

For more on our dried flowers range, check out our blog here.

“Florist’s Choice – Australian Christmas flowers”

Like always, our florists work hard to create beautiful blooms for you! If you cant find the bouquet you are after for this Christmas period, check out our full range here, or give our team a call and we can organise a bouquet to your taste.

Let us create a beautiful Christmas bouquet or arrangements of festive joy for that special someone or even co-worker for what’s been a pretty tough 2021 for many people.

Flowers delivered to all areas on the Gold Coast (except Sundays).

Have a couple more questions on Australian Christmas flowers?

No problem, just give us a call and talk to one of our florists in-store and we can arrange a flawless Australian Christmas flowers bouquet specifically for you and your loved ones.

8 Festive florist

Jacque and the team x
Palm Beach Gold Coast

Not Your Typical Florist

We love getting creative with our vast array of stunning Australian grown flowers and foliage. Lately, we’ve been enjoying adding dried flowers Gold Coast sourced into our beautiful bouquets, and the variety that this brings to our bunches!

While sending flowers is a timeless tradition, and beautiful addition to any special occasion, we love finding the perfect flowers for different occasions.

Sending flowers is a timeless tradition

Dried flowers last 1-3 years, and therefore can remain a more permanent gift or decoration for the recipient! We love hearing stories of how our dried flowers have served as a beautiful souvenir from a special occasion.

So, if you’re looking for a floral gift that will stand out and double as both a stunning bouquet and a gift, our team of not so typical florists are here to help.

Our beautiful team has you covered for any situation. We have a couple of bouquets ready to go, or we make custom arrangements to fit any and all situations. Here are a couple of our favourite flowers for different occasions.

Wedding bouquet Gold Coast florist
One of our bouquets was photographed by @elopementcollective earlier this year!

Events Gold Coast and beyond

We are all about making those around us feel special, and what better occasion to do so than for an event? Flowers are often associated with marriage, romance and love, so it’s no surprise that one of our favourite occasions to put our skills to use is for our beautiful client’s weddings.

We know it can be overwhelming to organise an event, especially weddings and celebrations. Our team take the stress out of flower arrangements. We have the experience, flair and passion to create beautiful bouquets.

Check out our previous blog on the arrangements we made for newlywed couple Milly and Scott. They celebrated their wedding in Cabarita, NSW earlier this year.

Flowers are also a beautiful addition to celebrations like baby showers, birthdays, births, business and marriage anniversaries and elopements!

Dried Flowers on Cakes

Although we love our flowers and they are pretty versatile, do not actually eat them. They do, however, make beautiful cake decorations!

Our beautiful flowers are fresh and vibrant, and bring a personal touch to cakes. We love it when vendors such as the beautiful Bvked crew use a few of our fresh or dried flowers Gold Coast for their cakes!

Wedding cake by @_bvked on Instagram for Maddy and Daniel earlier this year!
Wedding cake by @_bvked on Instagram for Maddy and Daniel earlier this year!

Non-Traditional flowers (dried flowers, plants and peace lilies)

Dried flowers can bring variety and texture into homes and special occasions. Our team creates bouquets custom to order, so your recipient will have a one-of-a-kind gift or decor.

dried flowers Gold Coast by fifth avenue florist

Or, brighten up your friend’s home or office space with a plant as a gift!

Making your loved one is simple and stress-free with a delivery from our Fifth Avenue florist team! If you would like to order online check out our other arrangements here, or visit us in-store for beautiful dried flowers Gold Coast, Burleigh Heads and beyond.

– Jacque and the team x

So, let’s talk wedding flowers…

We love, love!

Published 14th July, 2021

There is no doubt about it, a wedding without flowers is like a birthday without cake – even if you decide to elope. Flowers truly are one of the spotlighted aspects of any wedding or celebration of love. Wedding flowers can be a talking point for days, weeks and months after the special day itself.

Our beautiful newlywed couple Milly and Scott tied the knot at Cabarita, NSW. They had a private elopement in August 2020, due to pandemic restrictions and the couple’s desire for an intimate, private celebration.

Milly asked us to organise her bouquet – a combination of soft pink and white roses combined with delicate orchids and some dainty white leaves to pull it all together. Our team relish in the process of creating a bride’s dream wedding florals to match their dreams and wishes.

Elegant, Soft Wedding Flowers

This stunning couple and their elegant bouquet were featured in issue 23 of the Together Journal. The article displayed some beautiful photos from their day, and a small portion about their love story.

Check out a selection of the photos taken by their photographer Tessa on their happy day below.

Bouquets and Flowers for Weddings

We adore helping bring to life bouquets for all occasions. Some of the other gorgeous weddings we have helped with can be found in our weddings gallery.

Whether grand and lavish or small and cosy, we thrive to create beautiful enchanting florals for your special day. There is no limit to our creativity.

Let us help bring your wedding flowers to life for your extraordinary day and contact us on 07 5534 6655 to have a chat.

– Jacque and the team x

How to choose flowers for different occasions

Flowers for different occasions

Sending and receiving flowers is a timeless, age-old tradition that can say a lot about a circumstance – we have flowers for different occasions.

How are you supposed to know which ones to send? And when to send them?

Don’t worry! Our beautiful team has you covered for any situation. We have a couple of bouquets ready to go, or we make custom arrangements to fit any and all situations. Here are a couple of our favourite flowers for different occasions.

Celebration Arrangements

Wild and earthy

We are passionate about celebrating big and small wins – from engagements to graduations, or even a promotion at work. Nothing says “we are proud” and “so happy for you”, then our beautiful wild and earthy arrangement.

This stunning bunch is unapologetically full of life with a mix of Australian flowers. Plus, this beautiful bouquet lasts a tad longer than others and can be dried for a lasting memory.

Sympathy Flowers

Sympathy flowers

Unfortunately, we understand – no one wants to send sympathy flowers. It can be really tough to pick arrangements that say “I’m thinking of you”.

Let us help take the guesswork out of the perfect arrangement. Simply, our white lilies are the most common that we send for our clients. Or, if you’re looking for a colourful bouquet, we have a couple of stunning pink lilies and gerberas that have been grown locally

Romance Bouquets

Valentine's Day flowers

Ahh, the traditional romantic flowers. We love, love. Nothing is more traditional than sending a dozen fresh and blooming red roses on Valentine’s day, or on a romantic anniversary. But here at Fifth Avenue Florists, we like to put our own small twist on it – so you can send your own unique version of these traditional bouquets. Our “crazy in love” bouquet is a mix of the traditional 12 red roses and white lily’s. Or the simple dozen red roses mixed with our locally sourced statement foliage, from Big Leaf Bouquet.

Whatever the occasion, we cannot wait to help! 

Please note: Our flowers may vary due to availability or when they do not meet our quality standards. Our aim is to provide the absolute best flowers to bring delight to all our customers.

If you would like to order online check out our other arrangements here, or visit us in-store.

Can’t find what you’re after? No problem, just give us a call on  07 5534 6655 and talk to one of our florists in the store and we can arrange the perfect arrangement for you.