Show Some Love with Our Valentine’s Day Flowers

Is there someone you really like? Are you madly in love? Have a crush? You’re in luck because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. It’s the perfect time to show someone just how much they mean to you, with some of our famous Valentine’s Day flowers!

Flowers have been given as gifts for centuries. They are often associated with marriage, romance, love, and fertility. It all started in the 18th century when Charles II of Sweden created the “language of flowers.” Each was assigned a meaning, sending a sweet message without saying a word.

Fifth Avenue Florist is here to help you express how you feel. We make it easy to find the perfect bouquet for someone special. Let us help you get started with some Valentine’s Day bouquet suggestions for different relationships and situations!

valentine's day flowers
  • Valentine’s Day Flowers for a Best Friend

We love our friends, too! They are special people who deserve to be recognised on a day that’s all about love. Our Colour Me Happy bouquet contains seasonal bright blooms in brilliant colours. Your recipient receives fresh flowers with a mix of playful greens and big, healthy blossoms in bright colours. It’s sure to make them smile on Valentine’s Day!

valentine's day flowers
  • Classic Valentine’s Day Flowers for the Hopeless Romantic

Are you a hopeless romantic? Do you love the sentimental tropes of romance films? Is there someone you absolutely adore? Send them a My Heart Beats for You bouquet. 

This arrangement features elegant red roses – a true staple of Valentine’s Day. Our blossoms are handpicked and arranged with care for the best presentation. They are sure to wow your lover and leave a lasting memory that they will cherish for years to come!

red rose by Florist Miami Queensland
  • One Blossom Bouquet for a One-of-a-kind Valentine

Sometimes, less is more. If you are in love with someone who is one-of-a-kind, show them how you feel with our You’re the One single red rose bouquet.  It’s a floral arrangement that is simple yet powerful in meaning. 

Our flowers arrive fresh daily, so your recipient will receive a gorgeous blossom that is just as stunning as they are!

Valentine's Day flowers
  • Big Valentine’s Day Flowers for Someone You Are Crazy About

When you want to impress someone that you are crazy about, we have you covered! Fifth Avenue Florist’s Crazy in Love bouquet is as big as it gets! This fabulous armful of nature’s beauty includes a mix of red roses and white lilies. 

Your Valentine will love looking at this giant floral bouquet. It’s a generous reminder of just how important they are to you!

valentines day flowers
  • Something Sweet for Your Crush

What if you need to find Valentine’s Day flowers for someone you really like but aren’t at that lifelong love stage with yet? We have the perfect flower arrangement! Our Hello Cutie bouquet is a sweet token of your admiration.

Your recipient will receive a mix of seasonal pastel blooms, carefully arranged, and packaged for maximum visual appeal.

Fifth Avenue Florist makes it easy to find beautiful Valentine’s Day flowers with fast delivery. Call us at (07) 5534 6655 today to order something special for your favourite people!

Christmas Flowers Gold Coast

Christmas Flowers, The Perfect Gift!

Christmas time has crept up on all of us, but never fear, we have Christmas gift ideas!

Shopping around for the perfect gift can prove to be quite stressful, especially when you’re shopping for so many.

Make your friends and family feel special by gifting them a beautiful bunch of flowers. 

We have such a wide range of flowers for you to choose from here on the Gold Coast. Let us assist you with choosing the perfect Christmas flower bunch.

Our Christmas Flowers:

christmas flowers
Christmas flowers
Christmas Flowers

Let us create a beautiful Christmas bouquet or arrangement of festive joy for that special someone.

Flowers delivered to all areas on the Gold Coast (except Sundays). Can’t find what you’re after? No problem, just give us a call and talk to one of our florists in store and we can arrange the perfect flowers for you.

I’m a video star!

December 1, 2020

We had the lovely Dane up a few days ago to take some fresh shots in our florist shop and he did a cute little video too.

We’re a real florist shop of 28 years!

One thing we always try to get across is that we’re a real florist shop, not just a go-between like some sites are.

We’ve been here for 28 years now and hope to be here another 28.

We’re loving the flowers in at the moment and it’s such a joy to work from such a fabulous environment.

We love having people come in and check out the flowers, they really do bring a smile to people’s faces.

We can always give you some help choosing the right flowers for the right occasion. Don’t hesitate to ask any of our super friendly team.

Hope we can help you sometime in the future get the perfect flowers for you.

Jacque and the team

A peek inside our busy little florist shop

November 26, 2020: Want to send flowers to a special someone or maybe treat yourself a bunch to brighten your home or office?

Let us create for you: we know our stuff …my team and I (Jacque) have been here at Fifth Avenue Florist since 1992.

Our very colourful flowers on display

Here’s a little peek inside our very colourful shop that we get to work in each day. Full with an abundance of colour and fragrance.

Our Christmas flowers have just been added to the web site – click here for those.

They’re a great way to say “Thanks” to others for the year or to brighten up your home or office.

We have a lovely range and some really beautiful Christmas arrangements for you to send.

Kind regards

Jacque and the team
Ph: 07 5534 6655

Flowers delivered to Currumbin Waters

We’ve been working hard this week reviewing our survey and seeing where a lot of our customers come from.

Turns out Currumbin Waters is a really popular spot for us and we deliver flowers there at least daily. It covers quite a big area and is basically just at the back of us here in Palm Beach.

Daily delivery to Currumbin and Currumbin Waters

If you need beautiful and fresh flowers delivered for any occasion, then we’d be delighted to help.

You’ll find our entire team friendly, super helpful and committed to the best in fresh flowers.

Take care.

Jacque and the team
PH: 07 5534 6655

Natives never go out of style

Some of our most popular flowers are our natives – earthy, rich and bold colours that combine so beautifully, whether it be for a birthday, bouquet for a wedding or to decorate for a funeral or life celebration.

Lucky with Gold Coast natives

We’re very lucky with these native flowers here on the Gold Coast and they’re a firm favourite of many.

They’re so stylish and with their understated elegance, can be perfect for almost any occasion.

Rustic, natural flowers

The texture of native flowers is so unique that it fits in well with an often rustic look that is so popular.

We love our natives and can put together a beautiful arrangement of native flowers and have them delivered same day here on the Gold Coast.

We’d be delighted to help you surprise and delight someone with a bouquet of native flowers. Call me direct on 07 5534 6655 or order flowers online.

Jacque and team

Well, we’re a bit thrilled!

We are over the moon today as we’ve seen some of the beautiful responses to a customer survey we’ve just finished regarding our flowers, our service, our delivery and our value for money.

We wanted to make sure our customers are happy, so asked a whole bunch of questions and had 131 people respond.

It is so gratifying to read the really kind words our customers have written. Thanks to all who did the survey!

Amazing helpful staff and beautiful flower arrangements

Beautiful, unique bouquets, quick delivery, good service…

Jacque and the team do an outstanding job, fresh beautiful arrangements every day and service with a smile…

Personalised service and beautiful flowers…

The bouquet I sent looked amazing…

Quick, easy and very large bunches that aren’t over the top price wise…

Same day delivery, fresh flowers and amazing service…

I love the unique designs. The range of flowers are awesome & I usually get something fresh & out of the ordinary…

The beautiful fresh long lasting flowers, and some lovely gift ideas too

Customer Survey October 2020

We deliver flowers (and some small gifts) to all Gold Coast suburbs. Shop for flowers online or call us on 07 5534 6655 for friendly service.

Kind Regards

Jacque and the team

Our Gold Coast florists

Sending flowers to Gold Coast residents

We’re always thinking how we can better help our great customers.

How we can take away the stress and sense of risk when sending flowers to people on the Gold Coast, when you might live interstate or even overseas.

What you see is what you get in flowers!

One of the biggest issues we see is that people often worry that the flowers they see on the web site won’t be the same sort or quality of flowers that get delivered to their loved one/friend/boss/team member/etc!

So we take great care to ensure the flowers we send around the Gold Coast are as good as can be! That the flowers match the description and photo as much as possible.

Fresh flowers every day

And because we buy in fresh flowers every day, we’re really proud of the flowers that get delivered in our specialty courier vans.

Even our couriers are selected based on the care they give the flowers and the feedback we receive. They go above and beyond to get the flowers to our customers in the best shape.

We’ve been surveying our customers (with an online survey) and have been thrilled to see comments like this from Patricia R of Romsey, UK (thanks Patricia!), today.

“…she is always really pleased with them.”

I am from the UK, and I order flowers from you online for my daughter in Elanora. It’s great to be able to do it, and she is always really pleased with them.”

Patricia R , Romsey, UK

If ordering online, know this:

That myself and the team have an absolute commitment to provide the best, freshest and most beautiful flowers every single time.

We’d love if you’d considered Fifth Avenue Florist for sending flowers to your Gold Coast family and friends, knowing we’ll do our very best for you and for them.

Kind regards

Jacque and the team

How to Keep your Flowers Fresh!

How to Keep your Flowers Fresh!

A step by step guide
By Fifth Avenue Florist

Step 1. First things first, choosing the right vase to transfer your flowers into. You don’t want the stems to be too tightly packed in a vase, they like to have a little bit of personal space. It’s very important to use a clean vase that is free from dirt, grime and any detergents. Scrubbing it out with only water is best for longer lasting flowers.

Step 2. The second step you’re going to want to take is… you guessed it, fill your vase with water. Make sure the water is always room temp and there is enough water in the vase to submerge all the stems of your flowers. Now before you go putting the flowers in the vase, you’re
going to want to check that no leaves are going to be touching the water. If they are, remove them. Otherwise they will turn slimy and promote all sorts of bad bacteria growth. Meaning bye, bye flowers. Side Note: When receiving delivered flowers from us at Fifth Avenue Florist we always put a water bag on the bottom to keep them fresh. And if you purchase in store, we’ll always offer a water bag if the flowers are going to be out of water for a while.

Step 3. The placement of your flowers in your home is very important if you want them to last longer. You don’t want to have them in any direct sunlight or near any heat sources. You also want to keep them away from any draughts like ceiling fans.

Step 4. When it comes to changing the water for your flowers you should do it every few days (Remembering to only use fresh water to clean out the vase and room temperature water to refill it). Before putting the flowers back in their fresh water give the stems a little trim by cutting them on an angle. This helps the flowers ability to absorb the water better. Make sure to use clean sharp scissors and remove
any dead flowers and foliage. The key to longer lasting flowers is all about minimising bacterial growth.

Step 5. Last but not least, have fun with styling the flowers in your vase and enjoy longer lasting beauty!