How & where we magic your floral creations

Nestled in the bustling, leafy and festoon-lit eastern flank of Palm Beach’s Fifth Avenue, an eye-catching but modest little business called Fifth Avenue Florist has served the Gold Coast community for 30 years (and all under the same owner, Jacqueline Darrach).

Visually, the shop is bright and colourful and welcoming, but you’ll probably smell its fabulous fragrance before it even comes into sight. And it’s in this unique space that your floral arrangements begin their life at Fifth Avenue Florist.

Yes, this is where the magic happens. It’s real. Authentic. And aromatic! There’s mess underfoot. Offcuts of leaves and stems all over the timber floorboards. Bubbly, flower-twirling florists with thorn-pricked hands, fingers sticky with eucalypt-gum resin, and big smiles on their flowerchild dials.
Far from simply tying a ribbon around a generic bunch of flowers and tacking a card on it, we start your floral arrangements from scratch. We use the finest, freshest, highest-quality seasonally available foliage and blooms, and we fashion them into works of art. Natural works of art; gifts from nature that we expertly arrange to suit your needs – whether you choose to order in-store or online.

It’s fair to say we pride ourselves on creating beautiful, memorable, uplifting works of floral art, and we’re constantly gratified by the fact that our customers love these creations too.
And now that you know a little more about where and why we do what we do, why not let us create something mesmerising and memorable for you or for someone you love?!

See our full range of flowers for you to choose from.

Thanks so much for your support from all of us at Fifth Avenue Florist.

Jacque & the team
[email protected]
Ph: 07 5534 6655