Your Flower Twirlers Exposed

Once upon a time, two sisters were born deep in the Currumbin Valley; two barefoot flower children who fashioned daisy-chains for breakfast; roamed barefoot through school; blew dandelions in backlit afternoon light; and pitched in to help mum and dad’s nursery business whenever they had some spare time.

One of them went on to purchase and run one of the Gold Coast’s most successful florist businesses, while the other was never far from her side. We are, of course, speaking of Jacque and Fiona, the sibling driving force behind the Fifth Avenue Florist team:


For Jacque, flowers have never been a product or a business or a commodity. They’re her heart and soul; an expression of life’s beauty. They’re nature’s gift and they’re here to be shared. And to make that a reality, she’s surrounded herself with those similarly passionate about flowers and their ability to bring others joy.


With more than 30 years’ experience twirling flowers, Fi brims with energy and passion. She’s always reinventing herself to stay ahead of current floral trends. She’s a creator of all things floral – small things, big things, she can do it all! She’s our wedding stylist with an impressive portfolio. And the girl has stamina!


One day, Ivy simply walked in off the street to buy a bunch of flowers, and she radiated all the star qualities for floristry: sweet, smart, communicative, kind and compassionate, with a creative soul. We offered her a traineeship. She accepted. And one year into floristry school, she is excelling. Ivy is fresh and bursting with talent. Exactly what the florist industry needs, this girl is a star!

Jacque and the team