Sending flowers to Gold Coast residents

We’re always thinking how we can better help our great customers.

How we can take away the stress and sense of risk when sending flowers to people on the Gold Coast, when you might live interstate or even overseas.

What you see is what you get in flowers!

One of the biggest issues we see is that people often worry that the flowers they see on the web site won’t be the same sort or quality of flowers that get delivered to their loved one/friend/boss/team member/etc!

So we take great care to ensure the flowers we send around the Gold Coast are as good as can be! That the flowers match the description and photo as much as possible.

Fresh flowers every day

And because we buy in fresh flowers every day, we’re really proud of the flowers that get delivered in our specialty courier vans.

Even our couriers are selected based on the care they give the flowers and the feedback we receive. They go above and beyond to get the flowers to our customers in the best shape.

We’ve been surveying our customers (with an online survey) and have been thrilled to see comments like this from Patricia R of Romsey, UK (thanks Patricia!), today.

“…she is always really pleased with them.”

I am from the UK, and I order flowers from you online for my daughter in Elanora. It’s great to be able to do it, and she is always really pleased with them.”

Patricia R , Romsey, UK

If ordering online, know this:

That myself and the team have an absolute commitment to provide the best, freshest and most beautiful flowers every single time.

We’d love if you’d considered Fifth Avenue Florist for sending flowers to your Gold Coast family and friends, knowing we’ll do our very best for you and for them.

Kind regards

Jacque and the team