Plants… they are simply the ultimate accessory!

A Few Relatable Questions…

Are you missing something in your life, something to liven you up?
Are you feeling somewhat stressed and/or down?
Are you having a hard time concentrating?
Do you feel like you haven’t inhaled fresh air in a while?
Are you feeling a little lonely or in need of a companion?

If you answered YES to any of these questions read below!!!

Picture this… You’re walking down Fifth Avenue in Palm Beach. You’re on your way to grab that much needed morning coffee with a lot on your mind. Then you pass it. You stop right in your tracks and stare at it through the window as is stares right back at you. That’s it. It’s just what you’re missing. All you need is right there.

Scroll Down…
beautiful plant by fifth avenue florist


Beckoning YOU from within the shop front of Fifth Avenue Florist

Now bear with me.

You’re probably thinking What!! A houseplant, do I need one of these in my life?!? I don’t have time or the patience to care for a living plant. How much is this going to cost me? Do I want dirt inside my house? Plants are for outdoors only.

But seriously, you need one of these in your life!

Majority of houseplants are super low maintenance! They will bring life into your home and help you breathe easier (literally). Plants have the amazing ability to remove harmful toxins from the air that you might not know you even have and improve your air quality. Studies have proven that plants can reduce stress and improve overall mental health giving you an all round feeling of wellbeing. Not only are plants inexpensive, contrary to what people think, it’s a small investment to pay for the variety of benefits. Who’s wining here, you are!!

You can place household plants basically anywhere inside your home. Sit them on shelves, tables or a window sill. Hanging from walls, draping down or climbing up. Large ones to brighten the darkest of corners or weird ones for conversation pieces. You can have fun by matching them with different colours and styles of pots. It’s true, there’s something about caring for a living houseplant that can give you a sense of fulfilment and happiness. Watch it grow, to see it flourish and flower in all its glory.

And why stop there, enhance your workspace with living indoor plants. They’ll benefit your work environment too! Having plants around has been known to help with your concentration and improve productivity. They can also help to create a quiet and tranquil workspace by absorbing sound. More the better to allow you to smash out that work without distractions.

Each plant has a different set of beneficial properties. Here are a few we have in store below:

beautiful montsera plant by fifth avenue florist


  • As the name suggests this plant can grow MASSIVE so if you want to stay small we suggest you keep it in a smaller pot or if not, you have been warned!
  • The Monstera is one of the most affective house hold plants for reducing air pollution
  • Regardless of its size, this huge plant only needs moderate watering
  • The holes in the plant’s leaves that give it its nickname -Swiss Cheese- come as the leaf ages
beautiful peperomia plant by fifth avenue florist


  • Clearly one of the cutest little house plants
  • The peperomia only needs to be watered when the soil is dry to touch
  • It’s a slow growing house plant that needs hardly any maintenance
  • The peperomia is safe for pets if they decide to have a little nibble. Your pets only need to worry about your reaction once you’ve found out what they have done
  • This little plant thrives off loving neglect <3
Ivy plant by fifth avenue florist australia


  • This plant is most commonly seen growing on the sides of buildings but it is even better indoors
  • Ivy is super easy to grow and has a beautiful carefree nature
  • Not to mention it stays green all year
  • One major benefit of ivy is it can reduce the amount of mold spores in the home (perfect for a bathroom)
  • For best results ivy likes a little indirect light to grow and thrive
pothos plant by fifth avenue florist


  • Pothos is one of the easiest indoor plants to grow making it another low maintenance plant
  • It can survive in low light and drought like conditions but with slow growth
  • This great plant has even made it on the list of heart shaped indoor plants for its leaves (it just wants to love you)
  • You can train the Pothos to grow on almost anything, have it trailing down or climbing up your walls
bromeliad plant by fifth avenue florist


  • This stunning plant produces bright flowers that can come in a variety of different colours
  • Get one of these and it will bring a tropical feel into your home
  • We like to think of them as a low maintenance roommate (if only they’d pay you rent, I guess the company will have to do)
rubber leaf ficus plant by fifth avenue florist

Rubber leaf ficus

  • This particular plant is bred for its toughness
  • It will survive in less light than most plants and can handle under watering better than over watering
  • We suggest the Rubber leaf Ficus as a good starter plant for beginners
  • This indoor plant also has air purifying qualities like many others helping you breathe easier
favourite plants by fifth avenue florist

We have many varieties of houseplants in store just pop in and ask our lovely staff about which plant is best suited for you! Though we do advise you to be careful, as indoor plants are addictive. Start with one green leafy friend and soon you will be living in an indoor jungle. So, what are you waiting for? Your very own houseplant is awaiting your selection!