Natives never go out of style

Some of our most popular flowers are our natives – earthy, rich and bold colours that combine so beautifully, whether it be for a birthday, bouquet for a wedding or to decorate for a funeral or life celebration.

Lucky with Gold Coast natives

We’re very lucky with these native flowers here on the Gold Coast and they’re a firm favourite of many.

They’re so stylish and with their understated elegance, can be perfect for almost any occasion.

Rustic, natural flowers

The texture of native flowers is so unique that it fits in well with an often rustic look that is so popular.

We love our natives and can put together a beautiful arrangement of native flowers and have them delivered same day here on the Gold Coast.

We’d be delighted to help you surprise and delight someone with a bouquet of native flowers. Call me direct on 07 5534 6655 or order flowers online.

Jacque and team