How to Keep your Flowers Fresh!

How to Keep your Flowers Fresh!

A step by step guide
By Fifth Avenue Florist

Step 1. First things first, choosing the right vase to transfer your flowers into. You don’t want the stems to be too tightly packed in a vase, they like to have a little bit of personal space. It’s very important to use a clean vase that is free from dirt, grime and any detergents. Scrubbing it out with only water is best for longer lasting flowers.

Step 2. The second step you’re going to want to take is… you guessed it, fill your vase with water. Make sure the water is always room temp and there is enough water in the vase to submerge all the stems of your flowers. Now before you go putting the flowers in the vase, you’re
going to want to check that no leaves are going to be touching the water. If they are, remove them. Otherwise they will turn slimy and promote all sorts of bad bacteria growth. Meaning bye, bye flowers. Side Note: When receiving delivered flowers from us at Fifth Avenue Florist we always put a water bag on the bottom to keep them fresh. And if you purchase in store, we’ll always offer a water bag if the flowers are going to be out of water for a while.

Step 3. The placement of your flowers in your home is very important if you want them to last longer. You don’t want to have them in any direct sunlight or near any heat sources. You also want to keep them away from any draughts like ceiling fans.

Step 4. When it comes to changing the water for your flowers you should do it every few days (Remembering to only use fresh water to clean out the vase and room temperature water to refill it). Before putting the flowers back in their fresh water give the stems a little trim by cutting them on an angle. This helps the flowers ability to absorb the water better. Make sure to use clean sharp scissors and remove
any dead flowers and foliage. The key to longer lasting flowers is all about minimising bacterial growth.

Step 5. Last but not least, have fun with styling the flowers in your vase and enjoy longer lasting beauty!